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I blogged earlier about a device I saw on the web. As I wrote, Robert Morgan, of Chicago Reed Company offered to send it to me just to give it a go … and he doesn’t even know me! So here I am, with this $250 invention of his. I guess he knows where to find me, but still, that was incredibly generous of him!

So now you all deserve an update, don’tcha think?

The W.R.I.S.T is pretty darn amazing! While I don’t often have hand or arm issues, I can still see the benefit of it. I’m nearly sold on it. Like 99.99% sold. (Like thinking, “I should just send the darn check,” kind of sold.) When I’m not playing but have only a few measures of rest, I just let it rest there. When I am playing, my right hand has absolutely no weight to hold at all. I think, too, that it allows me to have more relaxed fingers, and it makes the instrument feel very stable.

If you are using a peg, this is better. If you are using a neck strap, this is much better. If you are using nothing at all, you’ll probably need or want this eventually.

So there you go. My update. Pretty positive, eh?

08. March 2010 · 3 comments · Categories: Tools

Today I received a package from Robert Morgan, of Chicago Reed Company. I had landed at his site and seen his video about the W.R.I.S.T here, and asked him about the price. I thought perhaps it was a bit costly, since I really have no issues with my hands or arms when I play, but he graciously offered to send one for me on trial, and I readily accepted that. (Thanks, Bob!)

Sooo … I hooked it up (it’s pretty easy to figure out!) and I’ll be taking it to Symphony Silicon Valley rehearsals next week to use and to show to my colleagues. I have a feeling I’m gonna really like the device! I’d put the video up here, but I can’t see the code for that. Oh well. You’ll just have to visit his site!

Yesterday’s job brought me a bit of agony. We were doing an outdoor concert and I was playing a wee bit of oboe and a lot of English horn. I had no issues the night before, so didn’t think to bring my W.R.I.S.T accessory.

My right thumb decided it no longer would like to hold the English horn. It simply couldn’t. At. All.

I don’t know if I tweaked it, or if the previous night’s rehearsal did the thumb in (we were playing Ride of the Valkyries which does require holding the instrument for quite some time). Or maybe it’s just age. But no matter the cause, I was concerned. For most of the first part of the concert (three Gershwin works) I could “cheat” and hold the bell between my crossed ankles. For solos, though, I don’t like to do that: I think it dampens the sound a bit too much, and it just feels so darn confining. Fortunately I made it through those three works, and the solos were okay.

Then I had an hour to wait until we went back to the stage to do the “Symphony Spooktacular” bit. For that I had less to play, so I wasn’t terrifically concerned. Just annoyed that my thumb decided to rebel. Funny though: by the time we began again my thumb was just fine!

The issue, though, was a good reminder: I MUST carry the W.R.I.S.T. accessory with me at all times. Period.

Today I ordered a microphone stand that will allow me to to have the accessory a bit closer to me: connecting it to the music stand sometimes works, but because of how we are set up, and because sometimes we use different stands that don’t even allow for attaching the device, I have decided to be better prepared. Had my thumb continued to rebel I’d have been in tears by the end, I think.

I can highly recommend the W.R.I.S.T. and I can also tell you you’d be paying much less than I did. As the inventor Robert Morgan writes: “Please note: The price of the WRIST has gone down considerably as we launch a new manufacturer relationship.” Nice!

This coming week I have some important bits on our Symphony Silicon Valley concert. If my thumb is disobedient I will simply ignore the darn thing!

Really. It will save you.

W.R.I.S.T. website